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“Ek Samaj hai janha Shaadi Sangarsh hai, bachhe KO janam Dena ek lacharri hai, Ek Samaj Bo bhee hai janha shaadi basket of options hai, bachhe adopt karma ek status hai,”

“Yah bharat ka Darpan hai”

(There is a society where marriage as an Institution is a struggle, birth of a child is a compulsion, there is another society where marriage is a basket of choices and adoption is a status)

(“This is the mirror of Indian society”)


There is a need to understand the perspective of development, if a child in a womb will not develop properly due to inadequate nutrient supply, after a birth child may exposed in outer world as physically or mentally challenge, similarly if the state will not nurture the community, the deprived section will be exposed as challenged community in “Bharat Nirman….” Or “shining India”. This is the story of Chandrabati a tribal girl who after a long struggle established her right ……but it will continue, we can’t say…….Only she can say. Chandrabati is not the single case…, it is present in every society where tribal are displaced and capitalist are acting as communal forces ……and democracy is playing the role of “Dhritrastra of Mahabharat”



Jharsuguda as an independent district has been carved out from the old Sambalpur district of Orissa during 1990. Jharsuguda is coming under the Deogarh Parliamentary constituency. Kharia tribes are in majority among the tribal population of the districts.

A large number of tribal population have been ousted from their homestead land in lieu of the establishment of the Hirakud Dam in the early fifties, open cast coal mining projects during the early eighties and substantially with captive thermal power project. About 30,000 families were displaced first by the Dam, then by the Mines and then by the thermal plant. The resettlement and rehabilitation measures are widely politicized and designed to suit the vested interest groups denying the basic rights of the affected. The mindless growth of industrialization has substantially affected the once peaceful society into a more complex social-economic situation. The loss of land holding and growth of market cornered the peace loving tribal and poor to suffer as they are ill-occupied to handle the situation. The fluctuating wage labour market has forced large number of locals to migrate to other far off places in search of earning. The total population of the district is 5,09,056 as per 2001 census. Out of these ST comprise 31.88% and SC comprise 17.15% of the total population of the district. Their marginalized living conditions are generally combined with unmatched skill and  technology producing a scenario of cumulative deprivation The inflow of skilled manpower from out side has choked the opportunity of learning technical skills by the local people. The tribes of the district are mostly casual wage earners in the odd jobs carried out by the industrial units established here.

Most importantly, the people of this district are subjected to multiple displacements during last 30 years.  The cultivable lands own by the families from the forefather’s time have been snatched away by the big projects. The people of more than 30 villages were first displaced by the construction of Hirakud Dam. Some of them were allotted land and resettled in the area. The establishment of the Coal Mines was the second one to displace people and the last one is the upcoming of a Thermal Power Station in the area.


Capital is the key (Password) for development, “Public Purpose” is the key word for acquiring land from the poor tenants, then who is public, is it any difference in between public and people, whether displaced are considered as citizen of India, Yes or No, Citizenship right is necessary for displaced.



As a negative impact of all those preplanned anti tribal policy of the central as well as the State government weakened the cultural identity of the tribes in the region. The collective and inclusive society of tribal is being ruined in the name of the development. The very ethnic character of the tribal society has been lost its identity and new culture of exploitation has rooted its steps in the society, the tribes are stampede by the non tribe, women by the patriarchal criminals, children by the adults etc. A large numbers of adolescent and girls became the daily wage labourers in the town, block office and they are working under the Munshi and Thekadar. Adolescent girls those are working in the workplaces are sexually exploited by the non tribal as well as tribal Munshi of the region. Money in terms of the wages and control of the thekadar in providing work in the workplace are notorious power to allure the tribal girls to come in the traps of the ill motive person.

Workers either male or female want work for livelihood and then wages against their labour. It is the willingness of the thekadar to provide work or not to the individuals. The openness of the tribal community within the tribal society is the cultural entity and guided by the discipline of the tribal society and it is the long tradition of the tribal society but now a days after displacing them from the place of their habitats this practices are being misutilised by the corporate muscleman even though by the bureaucrats, politicians like (Sex scandal in Jharkhand by IG Police and tribal girl (Sushma) was victimized). There are so many cases in the places where tribal are displaced and corporate houses established their base with the help of administration.


v     Chandrabati is a tribal Kharia girl.

v     She is working as construction workers.

v     She left School after 7th standard.

v     Poor economic condition of house compels her to go for daily wages.

v     Due to displacement tribal society lost its own decision making process and its value.

v     Money power plays role in deciding the decision.

v     No value of traditional leaders in society.


Like them Chandrabati was also a victim of the process since two years. During the period of two years she died so many times and struggling whether to survive or not to survive, she attempted suicide but failure to do so and at last she collect dare to fight against her own pain and acted to adopt the formula of peaceful strike for the justice and she got. But she has to renew this approach again and again in every steps of life otherwise she will lose the self acquired justice.


Chandrabati Kulu, daughter of Sukram Kulu. She is 20 years old girl. She is living in the Kuturachuan village under the B.T.M, Boxichowk Police Station in Jharsuguda district of Jharsuguda. She is 7th Pass student from village school and after then she was unable to continue her education due economic deprivation in the family. She is belonging to Schedule Tribe (ST) family. She has 9 sisters and 2 brothers. She is 9th number. five of her sister got married. She is working as a Construction worker in daily wage basis.

She falls in love with Mr Prafulla Khadia (tribal Munshi working under Contractor) two years ago.

Prafulla Khadia is also living in the same village. Situ Khadia is the father of Prafulla. Gradualy the relationship of both converted in physical relationship. She became pregnant. It became serious matter for Prafulla. He was in intention for abortion but Chandrabati was not interested. Praffula made consultation with doctor and forced Chandrabati to take medicine for abortion, it was three month old pregnancy. Praffula assured her for marriage and pressurize her to take the medicine; she has taken but it was fruitless. Pregnancy continues. Then Praffula took her Brajrajnagar (nearest place from Block), they lived their as husband wife for two months.  Chandrabati was kept in abundant quarter of a colony (power project quarters for staff). It was just as prisoner house, there was lock from outside when Prafulla used to go outside. Prafulla used to come in quarter for providing her food only and return back. In the mean time Chandrabati’s elder sister marriage settled. Prafulla told Chandrabati to attend the marriage and for that she has to do abortion. Prafulla and his sister were engaged in suppressing the case. Both of them made contact with the doctor for abortion. One evening when it became dark, Prafulla took her to doctor’s residence for abortion. She was unaware about all the happenings and she was not told about the abortion. Abortion have been done by the doctor in his own house and kept Chandrabati for 7 days and after then she released from the doctor’s house.


After the abortion Prafulla became relaxed but Chandrabati felt guilty. Both of them living in own father’s house. She attended her elder’s sister marriage. After one month Chandrabati reminded Prafulla for marriage but he started to deny and told there is no proof of any relation between them. She fell in trouble. She became frustrated and tried for suicide but luckily she survived. Matter came in the light in village and family of Chandrabati took the case in village committee for justice.


Tribal society is characterized by collective decisions and actions. Society is based on equity and justice but the tribal society who has lost its natural habitant and settled in the new place, out of their own land, all the social norms violated internally and externally. Society adopts the mixed cultural process, the behavior and character changes among the individuals, society lost its value. Similarly this is happening among the displaced population of Hirukud. Every displacement transforms the society.  For tribal society it is lose of everything.


Initially the parents of Prafulla denied for accepting the Chandrabati as daughter in law. Village committee unanimously passed a resolution for marriage. Prafulla was not in the village meeting. After the village committee decision Prafulla’s parents assured the villagers that after the consultation with the Prafulla they will decide for marriage. After 10 days Chandrabati approached to the Prafulla for marriage and referring to the village committee decision but once again he denied. When Prafulla was not agreed upon the decisions of the village committee, family members of the Chandrabati approached to the village committee once again for justice of her daughter.


On 6th June 2006 a meeting was held at kuturachuan, where Prafulla alone was present and other side all the village leaders and villagers were present. Prafulla admitted before the villagers that he would marry Chandrabati soon without any further delay. After two days Prafulla said to Chandrabati that he would not marry.


Then Chandrabati’s passion broke out to pieces. Chandrabati was a member of Pragasila Shramik Manch (PSM) (daily wage workers forum fighting for sufficient wages and social security of the workers). On 17th July an Adolescent Girl Group was formed by Development Initiative (DI- a NGO working for child rights in the region) in the Village and Chandrabati became a member. She stared to attend the meeting. In between Prafulla threatened Chandrabati for not to attend the meeting.


v     Pragatisila shramik Manch is working with the construction and Beedi Shramik of the district.

v     Development Initiative is the off shoot of the PSM.

v     Mass organization having the strength to address the macro and micro issue.

v     People centric advocacy tool must be used to fight against exploitation.

v     There is a need to develop the culture of resistance among the individuals.


On 21st July a central body meeting held in the PSM (Pragatisila Shramik Manch) office and discussed the matter of Chandrabati. Chandrabati was also present in the meeting and explained her struggle for justice. On 25th July PSM called Prafulla to its office for this matter. He did not respond.  On 1st August PSM working President, Vice- president and committee members went to Kuturachuan village for this purpose. Prafulla’s parent and family members did not agree to accept Chandrabati as their daughter-in-law. Prafulla himself denied this proposal. On 2nd August a meeting was held at PSM office, where more than 20 village committee members and leaders were present. All the members present in the meeting was ready to extend their solidarity to Chandrabati. Next day, on 3rd August a team of 22 PSM members under the leadership of vice President went to Kuturachuan Village. A meeting was held at Kuturachuan village where all the villagers and PSM members were present. Prafulla himself and his family members were present. A resolution was passed at the meeting. Prafulla admitted that he would marry Chandrabati after 5 months but the PSM members gave pressure   that he would marry within one week. Prafulla agreed to marry as soon as possible but the exact date did not finalize.  On 6th Aug, Prafulla again said Chandrabati that he would not marry her.


Dharna empowered Chandrabati to accelerate the struggle process and she started hunger strike in front of Prafulla’s house for Justice.


On 10th August PSM organized a day long Dharana in front of Orissa Assembly Bhubaneswar. Demanding for implementation of Construction workers Act 1996 in the State, Chandrabati actively took part in this Dharna with others. Here she got courage and method to fight against injustice.

On 20th August Chandrabati’s guardian approached Prafulla’s parents about their marriage but Prafulla himself and his family members refused to accept chandrabati as daughter-in-law.

Now situation became grim. Chandrabati gathered courage to fight against injustice alone. PSM supported her idea and plan.


On 31st August she alone staged dharana in front of Prafullas house and demanding accepts her as their daughter

-in-law without further delay.


At 5p.m she was beaten up by Prafulla & his elder brother. Chandrabati was driven away from Varandah of Prafulla’s house by the family members. Next day on 1st September, early morning she again sat on the same varanda and repeated her demand again & again. PSM informed the press and the Police for support in the case. At 12 noon, a team of PSM members under the leadership of vice president reached on the spot. In the meanwhile press reports, TV reporters reached there. BTM out post in charge Mr. Dash also came. The villagers were also present .both the family members were called to the spot.

Police and media heard from both family and told to family members for accept the Chandrabati as daughter in law. Prafulla was not present. He was absconded from the village. Then police said to the villagers and PSM to settle the matter mutually and if became necessary then police action will be taken. Then police team left out. A tripartite settlement paper was signed by the villagers, PSM member and Prafulla guardian in presence of media. There was a condition that within seven days marriage in between Prafulla & Chandrabati would take place without any further delay. It is the family members’ duty to find out Prafulla and agreed him for marriage.

Media group has taken the active role and published in the newspaper and also in the TV news. O-TV and E-TV telecasted the event same day evening news. Dharitri, Sambad. Samaj, Dainik Jagaran, Navavarat, Indian Express, published this news with Chandrabati’s photo.



On 5th September Prafulla came to PSM office and said to marry chandrabati after two month, his proposal was not accepted by the PSM it was decided that next day Marriage would be taken place at Barghat Shiv Mandir. He would be present with his family members and relatives at 11 A.M accordingly.

On 6th September, Chandrabati and her family members PSM members and village leaders of Kuturachuan were present at Barghat Shiva Mandir at 10 A.M. Prafulla and his family members were not present. All waiting for them till 1 p.m they did not came. Then Vice president of PSM and team went to Kuturachuan village. Perafulla and his father came with them.


Then marriage ceremony was started it continued till 2.30 P.M After the marriage ceremony,

PSM and villagers convinced the Prafulla and told him obey the responsibility of husband. Prafulla took Chandrabati to his home. PSM members, villagers went to the Prafulla’s home and told to all the family members to care the Chandrabati and anything will happen wrong with the Chandrabati then they will be the solely responsible for the same.


Ms Sushama Sahu, Ms Sadhana Samantray ,Pinki kulu, Pankajini Kulu,  Subasini Naik, Padma Mahanadia, Chandrakanti Dhurua, Bhagbati Mahanand, on behalf of PSM, Sankirtan Khadia, Jamilal Khadia, Bhayalal Khadia, Chhabiram Kulu on behalf of villagers, press and TV representatives and temple priest  Sahadev Mishra who perform the ritual work were present on this occasion. An agreement was signed by Prafulla that he would take care of Chandrabati.





This is the common phenomena, when a society transforms from one its existing phase to another,  deprived are always victimized, it is a big challenge for tribal society, due to displacement, a society lose its value, social norms, justice, equity, it can’t be retained, IS IT DEVELOPMENT……………

One Indian night in railway platform

It was 24th November 2005, Thursday, I, Ashis and Jyoti were taking meal in restaurant in Bhubaneswar. It was 21:10, I was in hurry. I have to proceed for Kolkata by Chennai-Howrah mail from Bhubaneswar railway station. My train was at 21:35 from Bhubaneswar. I rushed to Bhubaneswar railway station. It was 21:25 I reached to Platform and trying to locate Howrah mail, but I couldn’t find the train in the platform. I rushed to the Display board, but there was no information in the display board about the Howrah mail. Then I made contact with the enquiry counter. It was written in the board in the counter that Howrah mail expected to come at 1:30, I got relaxed as because I was not late but 1:30, what I will do in the platform, but I decided to remain in the platform and will wait for train. I was sitting in the chair in front of main gate of the platform.


Station was crowded by passengers; there were seven trains in duration of next one hour. Basically passengers were waiting for the following trains Chennai- Howrah mail, Pursottam Express, Tapaswini Express, Utkal express, Puri- Howrah Express and Jaghnath Express. In the mean time one person who was sleeping in the platform number 1 in crowded place and suddenly started to sought “mai Chattisgarhi Hoo, Adivasi hoo, Bhagwan ka nam nahoo liya to kiya liya, 1,2,3……., Ka, Kha, Ga, parkar Kya Kiya, agar bhagwan ka nam nahoo liya to kiya liya”. In the mean time Purshottam express arrived in the platform, passengers for the train boarded down and chattisgarhi man bow down to the floor and wished all the passengers while saying “Bhagwan tumharo yatra safal kare”. Train signaled and departures from the station. Once again he started soughing. This time he was more in aggressive manner. Three people waiting for the train standing just to the “Chattisgarhi man”, all are in the age between 20-30 years. They were young. One person among them rushed to the “Chattisgarhi man” and started to kick him with his boot without saying anything. He kicked seven times by his boot. Chattisgarhi man trying to protect own self but nobody came forward to protect him. Chattisgarhi man ultimately falls in the ground. Four ladies were just sitting to the spot and told “Bas kar yetne kyu marte hoi” That naughty man stopped to kick and return to place. That chattisgarhi went away from Platform and became out of the seen. In the mean time Tapaswini express arrived and the passengers boarded in the train.


Ashis had also to proceed for Tatanagar by Utkal express. But his train was at 22:30. Ashis arrived in the platform and asked what are doing here, your train! I replied it was late, he suggested me to go hotel and take rest, when train will come then you come to the platform but I replied no I will be in the platform and wait for train. Utkal express arrived in the platform and Ashis boarded in the train. Utkal express went away from the station. Now it was the turn of Puri- Howrah express.

There were seven boys sitting together in one place and reading some magazine. A person carried two polythene bags in two hands and wore half paint and shirt, suddenly stopped where the boys are reading the books and song “Roop tera mastana…, Papa Khate hai beta nam karega…………..” boys didn’t reply anything, Person went to another place where 5-6 families were standing for train and song “Pardeshi, perseshi chor kar jana nahi……………,O janewala, thora rook ke jana……………..” like this he is roaming in all the platform. For the time being he disappeared. After some time person was seen with TTE. He was talking with TTE and enjoying, TTE was also laughing. Ultimately TTE told him, don’t disturb me please go. PURI- HOWRAH express arrived in the platform passengers boarded down.


Now platform was almost vacated, only the passengers of Jagnath express was remained there to take their seat in the train. In the mean time I also changed my place and shifted towards the room of Station master. As Jaganth Express departured from the railway station, just after 2 minutes a person wearing half paint, T shirts, Liberty black show with black shocks and goggles in upper pocket, holding one brief case in the right hand. He collided with the station master door and turned down, starred to the passengers who are sitting in the chair waiting for the Howrah mail in the platform and entered in the room. Few minutes latter he came out from the station master’s room and started to move in the platform. His steps are not moving as the movement of normal man. He was over drink. Came to the RPF counter and argued with the police man that “I failed Jaganth express, see I am holding tickets, why train leave me in platform, I was in time, why”? Everybody in platform is looking towards him. RPF didn’t respond him. He came towards the passengers and asked them look I have ticket and I failed train, this is due to railway man, they signaled train before time. People are enjoying the drunken man dialogue and everybody is laughing.


It was almost 23:45 all the shops in platform are nearly closed down and one phase of light switched off by the railway. Accept few all the passengers of the Chennai- Howrah mail went inside the second class waiting hall. Sales boy were cleaning their shops and closed down their shutter. Sales boy of all the shops got free from their duty and they are taking their dinner after finishing their daily job. They all entered in the second class waiting hall with their bedroll to sleep. I was in the platform till now to get more stories in the platform. Dogs in the platform also finished their dinner and started to bark “Ooooooooo………, other dog as well Oooooooo………….Discussion, debate, laughing was already continued with some passengers and railway staff with the drunken man. I was just sitting 10 meter far from the “Majlish”. It was completely 24:00, crow started Coa, Coaaaaaaaaaa………, Birds started chirping Chi, Chi Chiiiiiiiiiiiii. But they stopped after few minutes. I was looking towards my watch and thought what accuracy by the animal. In the mean time an old retired man come towards me and sit down adjacent to my seat. He was waiting for Howrah-Yaswantpur Express. He told me that drunken man seems to be Bengali and he is 50% active and 50% in drinking mood, but he is not disturbing, he is soft, he is educated and perhaps representing to rich families, he might be in higher post, but he has taken too much. He failed his train.


Drunken man entered in the Asst. Manger’s rooms and shouted “sota hai, duty karo”. I requested to old man, please look after my luggage just I am coming. I went to Asst. Manager’s room and saw that drunken man was sitting in the chair and Asst. Manager was standing in front of him. Drunken man showing his ticket and saying to the Asst. Manager please cancel my ticket. It was tatkal and 2 AC Ticket in Jagantah Express. Asst. Manager responded sorry not possible. Drunken man asked why? Then you write here that ticket will not be cancelled. Asst. Manger was in dilemma what to do what not do, he requested drunken man please go don’t disturb, it is railway, what railway, you are sleeping and don’t know the rules and regulation, cancel my ticket and refund money. Asst. manager was totally confused, he started to ring telephone and asked suggestion from higher boss, in the mean time drunken said call your officer I will talk with him. Asst. Manager dragged him out of the room and rush towards the RPF. Drunken man once again entered in the room and sit down in the chair. Drunken man take out “Gold Flake King Size Ciggaratte packet from pocket and take out one cigarette in finger” RPF came asked what happen why you are smoking cigarette. Drunken man responded who are you? Show your card, why government told you to walk in the platform, yes tell me. You know this is cigarette, if I will burn it and smoke it then you will demand Rs.200/- fine but I am not burning just taking smale without burning “nasa hota hai”. RPF went away and drunken man comes out from the room. Actually he was arguing with everybody in the platform but no body get angered. RPF man went away to other side of platform and return back. This time drunken man once again asked to the RPF man “O Mooch bale kya karta hai”, RPF became annoyed and soughed “tum apne aap ko kya samcata hai, IPS bolta hai, IPS Darru pee ka galli deta hai, onder ker denge samcjh me aa jayega, jayo bhago, sala jo acha karta hai uasi ko galli deta hai, sub saman kar loot ker lae jayega, kuch nahee bolte hai to kiya socha hai” drunken responded “nice, sorry, please don’t mind”.  I went to the enquiry counter and found that Chennai- Howrah will come at 4:00. I returned to my place.


In the mean time other drunken man also joined with him. New drunken man was seems to be ordinary man; he was a rickshaw puller in the town. New man told to drunken man “sir aap mayish kiyo hote hai”. He replied “dut sir bolta hai, Janto ho bade jhothe hote hai, lekin kosise sache hote hai and therefore I am trying” Drunken rickshaw puller started to say English like “hassssss, busssss….., England, under……………, Student, rev………….Xxxxxxx……., Mmssssss…………quail………” all the passengers, RPF and railway men became stunt for the time being they couldn’t understand what both the drunken man are discussing. After few minutes all of them laughed loudly but Asst. Manager were till now in confusion and watching both of them very interestingly. After few minute both of them went out from the sight.


I was sitting in the platform and watching the railway clock when Chennai- Howrah mail will come.

It was 4:00 there was no announcement, I went to the enquiry counter, and they told me that train will come at 5:45. Platform was totally silent. I went inside the second class waiting hall, because I was getting cold. As I entered in the hall got the smale of wine. Just I turned I saw the drunken man with his briefcase was discussing with a man and his wine bottle was broken and spread in the ground he was taken wine without water and after losing the control his bottle was broken. Just near to him one person was sleeping, he kicked him in his back and told” darru pee kar botel phor kar so gai” man stand up and got confused and went away from there. I was also become tired and got sleep in chair, just after five minutes a gentle man told me “Dada aopner train aesa gecha, platform number 4 te”. I rushed to platform number 4. I saw it was Howrah- Chennai Mail going towards Chennai. Once again I saw the singing man he was in the AC compartment gate and singing” samene bali khirkee me chand ka tukra…, O babu derhe chalna…………” Passengers told own self he is mad.


I returned to platform number 1 and waiting for 5:45 next morning. Train arrived at 5:45 in platform number 4. Display board of the platform displaying the name of the train Chennai-Howrah mail and time 21:35(actually 21:35 was the right time but it was late and come to the 5:45 next morning). I entered in the compartment and got slept.




I was sitting in the road side hotel to take my daily meal. It was almost 8.30 a.m to 9.00 a.m. I was waiting for meal. It was the office time for all who believes in salary and sustenance livelihood. Kolkata is a very busy city and every person in the city is struggling for food, shelter, well being, belonging and existence in the earth. Kolkata is also a city where all sorts of people are living those having different types of need. It is also an unique city fulfilling every bodies need. Really I like Kolkata. I am enjoying the life of Kolkata. Really it's a city of Joy.

            It was the Jadavpur Thana more. There was red signal for the route coming from Ganguly Pokur residential area ie Bye-Pass road. An old age women aging between 45 to 50. She was in Saree (Polester Saree). There is a small polythene bag with her, holded in the hand. It was raining and all the passengers are erratic due to continuous rain fall. There is no place for shelter. She is in road and her dresses are wet. Water drops are dropping from her cloths. There are no other dresses with her at that moment. She came forward to the hotel and asked for meal. She told that last night I had not taken meal. The lady Manager of hotel answered please wait and stand under the roof, why you are standing in the rain, you have another dress. In the mean time all the motor stopped due to red signal. There was blue “ALTO” car standing in the road due to red signal. She went near to the Car and started to beg. Glasses were closed there may be as it was raining or it was an AC (Air Conditioned car) or both. When she approached to the Car all the four people in Car moved their head to opposite side. There is no Scope to get any thing. Then she approached to next Car it was red “SCORPIO”, it was the same experience to first client. When She Moved to third in the mean time signal turns green and the entire stopped vehicle started to run on the road. She became alone in the road. She had failed to collect money from Car owner or the person who can afford to travel in the Car.

            She once again turns towards the hotel. Lady hotel manager told to her son please give her Rice. She had collected the rice in Plastic paper and went towards road side to eat. She was eating and two to three dogs were also observing that lady. She was eating as fast as she can finish first. It was really very charming just comparing the food style in the restaurant of rich person and the poor taking food in the road side.

            In the mean time other person age probably 18 to 22 years. He wore only T shirts and no paint. He just stood in the front of the Hotel. The hotel boy soughted “ Ja, Jaa, Jaaa, Jaaa……Boy went to other hotel and just standing near to “chulha”, where an lady is cooking food for the passengers. At the mean time that poor lady manager of the hotel where I was sitting she told “all are soughting on him, how he will get food. Who will support him? In the mean time boy got two roti and cooked vegetable from the other hotel where lady cook was cooking meal.

            In both the cases food has been provided by lady and poor people those are doing their business in the road side. They are the same case if they will be thrown away from the roadside to do business. There was sentiment, emotion, charity, love, and care among poor to poor. Beggars in the Kolkata are surviving only due to the mercy of the next poor man not by the GOD.